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Welcome to Chess Attic!
WHO WE ARE We are a chess family business -that's basically me, begging my wife for some help but she is too busy for that. MISSION To offer everyone beautiful gifts from the glorious history of chess. To promote chess and at the same time support a sustainable way of shopping and gifting. WHAT WE SELL Vintage items, antiques, collectibles, all of them -at least- second hand! NOT AN ORDINARY CHESS STORE We do not sell brand new chess equipment like most of chess web-shops do. That said, we have nothing against them, we like them and buy them for ourselves as well, we just choose not to trade them! Moreover, you won't find any product categories in this store, we just throw our new finds in and you need to find your way by navigating through all our beautiful offers, exactly like you would do over a flea market stand. We do keep the "search" button enabled though, in case you are in a hurry! Last but not least, no annoying banners and pop-ups during your stay on this shop, except for the necessary cookie consent. HOW ABOUT NEWLY MADE PRODUCTS We keep our Attic windows open to newer items too, as long as they are charming, handmade and produced by small businesses worldwide, for example a traditional family shop, or a talented individual. The condition in most of those products is "like new" but still, not brand new. Chess Attic gifts are available at: - ANTIEKCENTRUM Amsterdam, booth F-18 (photo above), Elandsgracht 109, 1016 TT, Amsterdam - The Netherlands.


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